Migration from Apache Roller 4.0 to WordPress 3.3.1

For quite some time, I used Apache Roller (version 4) as my weblog software. At first, I wanted to upgrade to version 5, but then, on second thought, dismissed the intention. Instead, I migrated to WordPress. The transition was not easy - probably because I missed some helpful tools. I ran Roller in a Tomcat 6 servlet engine and used Derby as the RDBMS backend. Here's an outline of the steps that were needed to migrate:

  1. Create a MySQL database.
  2. Install the MySQL JDBC JAR file and make sure Tomcat can find it.
  3. Shutdown the Roller webapp.
  4. Adapt roller-custom.properties to use the MySQL rather than the Derby database.
  5. Restart Tomcat (and thereby the Roller webapp).
  6. Access the Roller webapp and initiate the SQL scheme creation.
  7. Shutdown the Roller webapp.
  8. Start a standalone Derby server with the Roller database.
  9. Install openDBcopy, the MySQL JDBC JAR file and the Derby JAR files derbyclient.jar and derbytools.jar.
  10. Start openDBcopy and copy the Derby database to the MySQL database.
  11. Follow these instructions.

If someone's interested in detailed instructions, I'm willing to post them here.

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